roasting marshmellows in phd hell

Party for Everybody

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The cure for your thursday blues:

This song has got everything: costume, spectacle, a catchy hook, a disco oven, and some awesome grannies who are trying to raise money to rebuild a church in their town. (it was destroyed by Stalin 70 years ago).

They just might take it all.

Or else, these guys:

If I was going to write a dissertation on eurovision (hypothetically, of course), it’d be on why I see jedward as a musical version of the sokal affair.  They don’t make any sense and some people (tween girls?) take them seriously, but really they’re in on the joke, which kind of illuminates how ridiculous most manufactured acts are.

yes, really.

Thankfully I don’t have to write a thesis on eurovision cause this guy already did, I shit you not.

Maybe I will start a new series of posts, most obscure phd theses ever..

I’m not just a member, I’m also the president.

Written by universityoflies

May 24, 2012 at 16:33

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